c2b – client to business

Enable clients send you funds in various ways – Credit cards, wires and Crypto like bitcoin. each method usually will require it’s own solution. We will assist you with obtaining the best solution tailored to your needs.

b2b- business 2 business

Accept funds and financial settlements from global business partners using Swift and Sepa wires. payment and banking providers are spread globally and will require you to adapt to their requirements.

b2c – business to client

Sending funds to your clients can be done in various ways as all clients has their set of needs based on regions and local standards. Adapt to any key market you approach is key for the business success.

Payment Solutions

Use all the best payments methods available for the online and e-commerce world of today.


Simple and unique offering you can provide your clients, using vouchers offer special promotions and gifts.

Credit cards

The most common way to transfer funds online using Visa, Mastercard and others from quick deposit and funds settlement.


Bank to bank transfers is the classic funds settlement method, may take few days depend if it’s swift or local but it’s the most reliable way.

Crypto currencies

Accept Bitcoin and other Crypto assets to your business. Allow your clients send and accept Crypto and bring your business to the modern era.

Financial Partners

Our financial partner are solid tier 1 banks and financial institutions. Using their strong regulatory framework and guidance, you will benefit from the peace of mind your business needs. 

EMI – Electronic Money Institution

EMI is the most simple and easy way to setup you bank account. EMI’s operate only online unlike traditional banks however has the flexibility to provide top notch service and solution with cost effective solutions.

Payment Providers

Payments providers are one of the most important parts in any business, without them your business cannot accept and send funds to clients and other business partners. Contact us and get verity of solid payment providers.


We work with tier one banks in Europe and world wide to constantly offer verity of banking offers you can use and utilize your business, join now are start with UniCredit, Citi bank, Raiffeisen bank, ING and others.

Crypto Exchanges

Accepting and sending Cryptocurrencies can be done in several ways, however converting  Crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, Dash etc..) to fiat currency (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY etc..) is done via Cryptocurrency exchanges.

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