Seychelles License FX Brokerage Securities Dealer License

There are various different offshore brokerage licenses, one of the most outstanding is the Seychelles FX Brokerage, its good reputation and low-cost, will add great value to your brokerage as a market maker. Seychelles is the best option for offshore jurisdiction offering many interesting opportunities to the Forex License obtainer.

  • License coverage: The Seychelles FX Brokerage has a Global coverage.
  • Trading restrictions: There are no restrictions on Leverage or bonus schemes.
  •  Low Capital requirement: Seychelles FX Brokerage  requires 50,000 USD.
  • License Type – Market Maker, and portfolio management are included.
  • Corporate Tax – 1.5% applicable on the assessable (gross) income.

Benefits The Securities Dealer companies are particularly beneficial for Brokerage Houses operating worldwide.

  • Seychelles has the advantage of having a modern and flexible Securities Law.
  • It issues a clear Securities Dealer license within a reasonable time, requires reasonable capital requirements, charges reasonable license fees, and has a low tax rate.
  • Seychelles is one of the best places to save on costs and at the same time, clients can enjoy the array of services providers in the country.