Corporate Structures

Opening your company is the right way is crucial and important for your future success. Each jurisdiction around the globe has a different set of laws which can effect your business plan.


Corporate entities can can be setup locally or offshore (BVI, Nevis LLC, Cayman Island and others). Offshore companies benefits from low tax environment and financial privacy.


Onshore formations usually are structured in Europe or in your home country. Setting up onshore has many added values and mainly benefits from building trust with your client knowing you are local.

Quick Setup

Formations can be built in matter of weeks and even days.

Cost effective

Value for money solutions will maintain your cost effective balance.

Easy and simple

easy to use and simple to use platforms will make your experience flawless.


High standards and professional service is the key to provide you with the best solution and structure you need.

New at Ventures X –

UAE company incorporation

Incorporate your company today in the United Arab Emirates and expand your business reach.
We focus our incorporation services in RAKICC and Adjman Free Zone jurisdictions.

UAE Rakicc – Free Trade Zone

Ras Al Khaimah International Corporate Centre (RAKICC), concidered as offshore, is a Free Trade Zone in United Arab Emirates. One of the major benefits of incorporating a company in RAK (UAE) is the very strict corporate and bank secrecy laws of UAE.

UAE Adjman – Free Trade Zone

Ajman is a Free Trade Zone in United Arab Emirates. The Free Zone Authority is currently under multi-million Dirhams development projects, that will enhance the facilities competitiveness in the near feature.

Local Business Representative

Get your UAE footprint with a RAKICC or ADJMAN compnay setup. Increase your local businesses and suppliers
reach to gain easier business efficiency.

Middle East expansion

Want reach to all middle east countries? UAE is the best way to go, strict and yet easy business laws will allow you to manage your middle east business and expand your reach to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and more.

8 Reasons to go Offshore

Choosing the right corporate structure is the important for your business success, we gather offshore structures added value you should consider before opening your new company.


1. Financial Privacy and Safety

2. Better Banking Infrastructure


5. Good Legal Framework

6. Avoid Capital Gains Tax


3. Asset Protection

4. Investment Funds in Tax-Neutral Locations


7. Access to Tax Treaties

8. Lower Tax Rates


Regulation is a key parameter for building your client trust as a respectable company they can work with. beside trust building regulation will assist you with obtaining respectable payment and banking solutions you will surly need. as better known the regulation is your reputation is higher however class A regulation has their costs.

Class A Forex Jurisdictions

( FSA Japan)
Great Britain
( FCA)

Class B Forex Jurisdictions

Cyprus ( CySEC)
New Zealand
( FSP)
 ( FSC)
( FSC)

Class C Forex Jurisdictions

St. Vincent
Other offshore jurisdiction

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