Bulgarian Crypto Exchange

As you may know, there will are many changes in Europe Crypto regulation and for that, we recommend our clients to choose alternatives than the classic Estonia or Lithuania jurisdictions.

As an Alternative, we are actively promoting the Bulgarian regulation jurisdiction for Crypto exchange authorization. 

Here is Our Offer For Bulgarian Crypto Exchange

Key Requirements

  • Licensing Process Requirements: minimum one local director (contact person), can be the same person, can only be individuals;
  • Minimum Local Presence Requirements: Registered office, local bank account for tax, and salary payments;
  • Initial capital requirements for a Bulgarian Crypto exchange are: from EUR 1;
  • Requirements for the Directors and Shareholders: at least one shareholder who can be a managing director as well and at least one local director (contact person).

Advantages of Bulgarian jurisdiction

  • Lowest corporate income tax – 10%;
  • Low VAT 20%;
  • Dividend tax – 5%;
  • Personal income tax – 10%;
  • Crypto assets are not subject to VAT;
  • No need of big amount of share capital;
  • No requirements for dedicated AML officer;
  • No audit requirements.