Mauritius FX Brokerage License

In its most simple term, an investment dealer is a person who acts on the behalf of another party (retail and institutional clients) giving him the ability to buy and sell a wide range of securities and related products. While the products cover a wide spectrum, the services an investment dealer offers can vary from dealer to dealer.

For example, one dealer may offer advice and a full range of services such as market analysis, investment research, and portfolio management while another may simply act as a broker and buy or sell investment products as instructed by their clients.

Investment dealers are usually subject to a set of rules and regulations, including those that determine what products and customers they can deal with.

Mauritius forex dealer license is one of the most efficient offshore licenses a broker can achieve. With its good reputation, it can provide great added value to your brokerage. On top of that, it is much more achievable and cheaper in comparison to licenses such as FCA or ASIC.


Have you known….

  • License coverage: The Mauritius Fx. dealer  license will definitely give you global coverage, Including European traders.
  • Banking acceptance: Mauritius forex license is accepted by many banks, and most of them are available for both B2B and C2B activities.
  • PSP acceptance: By having the Mauritius forex license you can process card payments easily including jurisdictions such as Australia, Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, and more.
  • Low Capital requirement: While a big majority of the Forex broker licenses have lots of Prerequisites, one of the most well-known is the capital requirement, it’s much more expensive having the FCA or ASIC license, while the Mauritius forex license cost is only 20,000 EUR (1,000,000 Mauritius Rupee)No trading restrictions, nor on leverages or bonuses!

The best market maker including portfolio management.